Hey, Whaddaya’ Know, Mike Mottau Wasn’t Laughing

Hey, we haven’t really followed up on anything in a while.  But we posted this story a while back in which we took an angry wag-of-the-finger stance to some irresponsible anger that Newsday Islanders beat writer Greg Logan took out on Mike Mottau (in the last 5 seconds of the video above), in which he stated the following:

Unfortunately, the message didn’t take. TV cameras caught Mottau laughing about the play in the penalty box. It must have been the guilty enjoyment of a man who knew he got away with one. It certainly wasn’t the sense of deep remorse Weight expressed immediately on the ice after he ran into Sutter.

We proceeded to get angry at this, but you can read the post yourself.  Anyway, our hero Tom Gulitti has fired back by ACTUALLY TALKING TO MOTTAU!  Can you believe something like that would resolve a situation such as this?  Mottau had the following to say:

“Absolutely not,” Mottau said. “I was talking to (Bryce) Salvador about I don’t know what, but I was absolutely not laughing or smiling. I knew the severity of it when you see somebody go off and you don’t see them come back for the seven minutes I was in the box and then came back to the bench. Why would I be smiling about it?”

Gulitti went on to REPORT that Mottau has even sought out Nielsen through the Isles training staff.  Funny how good reporting can squash out partisan hackery.


One Response to Hey, Whaddaya’ Know, Mike Mottau Wasn’t Laughing

  1. TV announcer paints opponent as villain. Film at 11.

    I mean, really, is this that surprising? Didn’t they show him in the penalty box with a bit of a smile? I don’t doubt for a second that he is very concerned, but one way people deal with being nervous is laughing.

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