Former NHL Announcer Jiggs McDonald Finally Coming Home From Thailand

This was going to be our area to comment on Jiggs McDonald and his wife, along with 1,000 other Canadian tourists, being stuck in Thailand due to political unrest.  But, lo and behold, Alanah from Canucks and Beyond – who has been all over this story – sent us an update earlier today: 

Jiggs and his wife are part of a small group that are heading home today, as the Canadian embassy managed to secure them a way out.

While it’s certainly great that McDonald and his wife are able to get out of an awful situation, this means that there are still hundreds more who are stuck in Thailand.  McDonald sent the following note to Canadian and American journalists yesterday:

Please take a moment to call your MP…the Foreign Affairs Minister etc and beg on behalf of all Canadians stranded here in Bangkok or anywhere in the country…we need to get out of here. This protest is going to escalate today and violence on the streets is not far away. It’s time to get us to a gateway city from which we can return to Canada. We’re not asking for anything more than to get out ot Thailand and now. Canadians are running out of medications,…many have had their travel insurance coverage cancelled….some are running out of money and can’t keep paying hotel and food bills…others need to get home in order to have medical conditions look after. The govt has buried it’s head in the sand to this point.

Foreign Affairs must have a game plan, The Embassy here in this country is offering nothing more than lip service., They’re more concerned over not being able to get Canadians into the country from trade missions than they are in getting us out of here.

Please contact everyone you can on behalf of more than 1,000 stranded here.

Ken “Jiggs” and Marilyn McDonald
Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame


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