Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 6, Danny Gallivan Bracket: Peter Loubardias vs. Dave Strader







First of all, we had a landslide victory for Jim Hughson over Paul Steigerwald in the first match in this bracket.  He moves on to round two.  Who will win this 7-2 contest?  We have Calgary’s Peter Loubardias, and Phoenix/VERSUS play-by-play man (and old-school ESPN guy) Dave Strader up against one another.  Voting ends at 5:30 PM Tomorrow.  Enjoy!

NHL Should Take a Hint from CBC’s “Original Six Saturday” (Plus HNIC’s Saturday Night Announcing Assignments)

The CBC sent us a PR E-mail today.  They do this often, hoping to get media folk such as myself to plug whatever’s going on with this week’s “Hockey Night” broadcast.  This week, however, I think the network truly shows why it’s dedication to the tradition of the sport is second to none, and are still a smart – if more conservative – innovator within hockey broadcasting.  Boy, do they have a Saturday planned for you.  Some highlights from the PR, as well as my thoughts, post-jump.

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Joe Beninati: Wowsers.

As you know from our interview with him, we like Joe Beninati quite a bit, but it took some time for us to get used to his phrasings.  Now that we’re hooked, something like the “Wow!” banter that he and analyst Craig Laughlin participated in 3 minutes into the highlight video of the Caps 6-4 win over the Ducks above overjoys us.  Though we can see where to another fan, it might be annoying.  But to you, we say this: “Wow!”

Seriously though, Laughlin’s sometimes grating voice aside, Beninati and “Locker” are one of the more fun-loving, entertaining duos throughout the league, and after Ralph and Razor and Doc and Chico, probably are the most engaging pair the NHL has on the local levels.

Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 5, Danny Gallivan Bracket: Paul Steigerwald vs. Jim Hughson






First of all, Pat Foley won our last match, so the top four seeds move on in the Foster Hewitt Brackett.  Our second round matchups there are:

#4 Seed – Pat Foley 
#1 Seed – Mike Emrick

#3 Seed – Joe Beninati
#2 Seed – Ralph Strangis

In a couple weeks time, we’ll be on to that.  For now, it’s Pittsburgh’s Paul Steigerwald looking to pull off an upset vs. CBC’s top play-by-play man Jim Hughson.  Vote now, it ends at 5:30. 


Could the Two New Great Faces for the NHL on TV Be Jeremy Roenick… and Jim Dowd?

We’ve said many times before that while we like Eddie Olczyk, we don’t think he’s the NHL’s long term answer to the position of “#1 analyst”, especially considering he’s filling the shoes of guys like John Davidson, Bill Clement and Barry Melrose, who all brought either a knack for making the insignificant details of hockey engaging and telegenic (Davidson), or a good sense of humor, and the idea that the fan needs to be entertained as well as informed (Melrose, and to a lesser extent Clement).  

So obviously, with Brett Hull a somewhat failed experiment in broadcasting history, the NHL has pretty much played it safe as far as analysts go.  But there’s going to be a couple of players either retired or retiring soon that you can add to the mix, given that they have an interest.  Here are a couple people I think should be given a chance at NBC and VERSUS over the next couple of years.

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Puck the Media LIVEBLOG: Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh

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Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 4, Foster Hewitt Bracket: Pete Weber vs. Pat Foley







Welcome back!  Joe Beninati is your winner for match #3, and so far all three top seeds in the Hewitt bracket have advanced to round two.  Our next face-off is a Central Division showdown between (Non-Bowling) Pete Weber of the Nashville Predators and Pat Foley of the Chicago Blackhawks.  Voting ends at 5:30 PM tomorrow.  Enjoy! And visit the LIVEBLOG TONIGHT!

Live Blog: Pens-Wild, 7PM, VERSUS/TSN2 (UPDATE)

John Forslund, Darren Eliot and Bob Harwood have the call of this game from the Mellon Arena, and we want to warm up for our upcoming schedule of liveblogs (Which, by the way, we have some changes to announce to very soon, stay tuned).  Won’t you join us for 7:00 PM?

UPDATE: Check out the Liveblog Here

We Really Enjoy Talking to Gralian and Luongo

We made another appearance on “The Rink” podcast this week.  We sounded out-of-breath.  Mostly because we were walking around our campus searching for good reception.  We promise we’ll use Skype next time, James.

Check out the whole show here.  It’s a great episode.  Even if you took out the parts with us, we’d still listen.  And believe us, we tried to.

Once Again, TV Networks: No. More. In. Game. Interviews.

We’ll update it later this morning with the YouTube highlights of the game, but VERSUS once again showed off how one of the more useless TV innovations ever brought to televised hockey – the in-game interview – can ruin a great scoring play, and just flat-out confuse viewers.  Here’s a link to VERSUS’ Website where it’s “The Player” is showing it front and center, but after the jump, a sumnation of VERSUS reporter Chris Simpson’s chat with Peter Chiarelli as Michael Ryder scored Boston’s game-winner against Toronto, joined in progress…

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