We Can’t Imagine Anything More Fun than a Caps TV Show

The Washington Capitals are riding pretty high lately.  They outdraw every other Washington sports team on TV (save the Redskins), their attendance is way up, and they seem to finally be making themselves apart of D.C. culture.  This Comcast Sportsnet show will likely help.  From Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Journal:

Buoyed by an expanded season-ticket base and rising TV ratings, the Washington Capitals are looking to expand their fan base by launching the team’s first original television show.

The 32-minute show, which will air over 20 weeks on Comcast Sports Net, will offer an off-the-ice look at players, coaches and fans affiliated with the team. The team plans to call it either “Caps All Access Monday” or “Capitals RED TV.”

The series is the result of a partnership between the club, Starbridge Media and Comcast Sports Net. Starbridge and the Capitals will cover production costs, sell advertising and share in revenue from the show. Comcast will get one minute of the show’s eight minutes of commercial time.

Despite all the boring financial stuff, it’s a good read about the Capital resurgence in D.C.  Seriously, we would watch a show just centered on Ovechkin, but go ahead and include the rest of his gang of knuckleheads participating in more things like in the picture above.


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