Greg Logan’s Irresponsible, Biased Potshot at Mike Mottau

Now, we make no secret as always that we are Devils fans, so we’ll try and look at this as objectively as we can and, because we agree that Mike Mottau should have been suspended for the hit above, perhaps we can.  The New Jersey defenseman was out of position for an attempted hit on Franz Nielsen and caught him up high, which caused injuries to the young Islander forward.

There has been some anger over the logic behind Colin Campbell’s two-game suspension of Mottau.  Many look at the fact that Nielsen is out 8-12 weeks for Mottau’s hit.  We’re okay with the length.  Mottau is a first-time offender with no history of dirty play.  We don’t think it was intention to hit Nielsen illegally, we think he got caught out of position and still wanted to make a hit, so he went out of his way to hit Nielsen somewhere, and got him in the head.  That’s our honest opinion of that.

But there has been some bile thrown around because of it.  None more angered than Newsday’s Islanders writer Greg Logan.  He posted this on his blog this morning:


Unfortunately, the message didn’t take. TV cameras caught Mottau laughing about the play in the penalty box. It must have been the guilty enjoyment of a man who knew he got away with one. It certainly wasn’t the sense of deep remorse Weight expressed immediately on the ice after he ran into Sutter.


Woah.  Well, we watched that game too, and we found the shot he’s talking about.  Concentrate on the last 10 seconds of this clip post-jump, and it’ll come to a shot of Mottau’s “laughing”.
We saw the shot Logan’s talking about, and it certainly did not look like a laugh.  It’s hard to even misconstrue it as a smile.  We’re not saying Logan’s an angry man fishing for something, and who wants to see his team reimbursed properly for what he feels is a dirty hit, but… well, maybe we are saying that.  But for good reason.  The great Tom Gulitti agrees with this response in the comments section of his Devils blog:

I know Greg Logan (who I think wrote that Newsday blog post) and am surprised. If that’s the clip he was talking about, that was hardly a laugh. Maybe there was another clip that Greg saw, but if from watching that clip Greg wrote that was Mike Mottau laughing about the hit, that is irresponsible.

Greg did not talk to Mike after the game and didn’t see how bad the guy felt that Nielsen was injured and how he wanted to try to find out the extent of the injury. He hardly looked or sounded like someone who had laughed about it.

Gulitti’s absolutely right.  We wish more beat writers would reveal their true allegiances, so something like this would look like more of a fan arguing that his team had been done wrong, than the biased hack-work this seems to be.  Greg Logan is usually a great, connected, information-heavy writer.  We encourage everyone hear to read his work.  But stuff like this is, as Gulitti stated in his posting, irresponsible.

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