Incubus Bassist Ben Kenney Joins Kevin Smith on List of Cool Devils Fans

We feel like it’s pretty clear, if you read anything we’ve written, that you know we’re a Devils fan.  Have been since 1995-96, when we were about five and the folks had to pay separately for SportsChannel.  Anyway, we’re also big music fans, especially of California alternative-rock quintet Incubus.

Pictured above is bassist Ben Kenney, a New Jersey native who joined the group in 2003.  He spoke recently with WHRU Radio up at Hofstra before a show in New York City, and talked about his sports affiliations, including the rough life growing up a Devils fan:

“Always been a Devils fan, and I got heat for that.  Even though I grew up in New Jersey, and all the kids at my school were Rangers and Islanders fans.  It’s like “Devils, man”, you know.”

Great to know that the future bassist of a platinum-selling rock group experienced the troubles of being a Devils fan, despite living in the team’s home state.  To help a fellow Jersey guy and Devils fan out, check out Kenney’s blog and check out his latest solo record, Distance and Comfort, on sale now.


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