Thank You, Once More

Another great week is in the books.  We’re headed for 2,000 hits for the week closing on Sunday.  Breaking a record two weeks in a row.  This blog is getting better every day, in my humble opinion.  I can only hope you agree with me.  Coming up this weekend, another installment of The Jack Edwards Experience, and perhaps an interview with a familiar NHL voice.  Otherwise, expect a light weekend overall.  Next week, Lindsay Soto returns to VERSUS.  Do you really need another reason to read?  Thank you, once again, for visiting Puck the Media.


Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 7, Danny Gallivan Bracket: John Ahlers vs. Rick Jeanneret







As usual, we recap yesterday’s match first of all.  Dave Strader strolled to a victory over Peter Loubardias, and will take on Paul Steigerwald in Round 2.  Next up, we have an interesting one, as Ducks/VERSUS play-by-play man John Ahlers takes on Buffalo Sabres legend Rick Jeanneret.  Should be an interesting one.  Voting ends at 5:30 Saturday, and we’ll be back with one more Gallivan Bracket match on Monday.

Now That We Have Things Worked Out, The New and Improved Puck the Media Liveblog Schedule

Some of you might note that our first “scheduled” liveblog is for tomorrow at 3, with the Rangers-Senators game.  Well, this slate was made a while back, before we knew of the WiFi situation at our residence.  Knowing it now, we will now be able to liveblog almost every VERSUS game.  Here’s the new/improved official liveblog schedule, beginning with December 2’s Flyers-Lightning game.

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Incubus Bassist Ben Kenney Joins Kevin Smith on List of Cool Devils Fans

We feel like it’s pretty clear, if you read anything we’ve written, that you know we’re a Devils fan.  Have been since 1995-96, when we were about five and the folks had to pay separately for SportsChannel.  Anyway, we’re also big music fans, especially of California alternative-rock quintet Incubus.

Pictured above is bassist Ben Kenney, a New Jersey native who joined the group in 2003.  He spoke recently with WHRU Radio up at Hofstra before a show in New York City, and talked about his sports affiliations, including the rough life growing up a Devils fan:

“Always been a Devils fan, and I got heat for that.  Even though I grew up in New Jersey, and all the kids at my school were Rangers and Islanders fans.  It’s like “Devils, man”, you know.”

Great to know that the future bassist of a platinum-selling rock group experienced the troubles of being a Devils fan, despite living in the team’s home state.  To help a fellow Jersey guy and Devils fan out, check out Kenney’s blog and check out his latest solo record, Distance and Comfort, on sale now.

New VERSUS President Finally (!) Pushes Back at Naysayers, Including Paul Kelly

We imagine that, if there’s a song on Guns N’ Roses new record Chinese Democracy that new VERSUS President Jamie Baker truly identifies with between his network and the NHL, it’s the fired up “can’t stop us now” attitude of “Scraped”.  Check out these lyrics:

Some may convince you
No one can break through
I’m here to tell you
You’re worth more than they tell you
Don’t you try to stop us now
I just refuse
Don’t you try to stop us now
‘Cause I just won’t let you

It’s got to be hard for anyone at VERSUS to hold themselves up high, what with everyone and their mother speaking out about how you’re killing a beloved, 80-year-old league.  The criticism of VERSUS has long been aimed at the network itself, and not the greedy owners who took Comcast’s money over ESPN’s distribution.  Well, Davis finally spoke out against those who’ve been belittling his network at an industry event recently.

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