We Have a Correction, and an Upset in Our Tournament of Announcers

Well, in a shocking turn of events (and a link to this tourney by The Pensblog) it shows that Paul Steigerwald has pulled off a late first round upset of Jim Hughson!  This is simply shocking news, and will simply throw into chaos the rest of this tourney.

Simply shocking.

7 Responses to We Have a Correction, and an Upset in Our Tournament of Announcers

  1. Ken says:

    To me, Jim Hughson is the second best NHL announcer in North America after Mike Emrick. Having said that, not many US hockey fans have heard him because he has not done any games on Versus or ESPN. He’s done TSN, Rogers Sportsnet and now the main game for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

    With the NHL Network picking up HNIC, Jim should get more fans, but Paul Steigerwald is better known to US hockey fans thanks to his work with the Penguins.

  2. garyroberts says:

    Steigy is a joke and should never, ever be considered an elite announcer in the US or any other planet for that matter.

    Pensblog voters pulled a Montreal-like upset.

  3. Ali Quippa says:

    When is voting for Ralph Strangis? He is the best, better even than Doc.

    Woo! to Pens fans for the Steigy upset.

  4. stevelepore says:

    @Ali: Ralph’s first-round matchup was a few days ago, when he had a close win over Vancouver’s John Shorthouse. He’ll face off against Beninati in Round 2 in a couple weeks.

  5. atg11 says:

    steigy is a joke, one of the worst i have ever heard…i still have not forgiven fsn for not extending lange.

    i just wish the radio matched up with the tv broadcast so i wouldnt have to listen to him

  6. Ali Quippa says:

    @Steve. Thank you. As a transplanted Pens fan in Dallas, I’ve come to really like Razor and Ralph.

    @atg11: No one compares to Lange. No one. Try RadioDelay to sync the radio and television. Available from daansystems. Click on “free stuff.”

  7. BluesFan44 says:

    Well, we now see what those Habs fans did with their auto-voters once the NHL All-Star-Game shut them down…………

    Steigerwald is good. Hughson is one of the best.

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