Joe Beninati: Wowsers.

As you know from our interview with him, we like Joe Beninati quite a bit, but it took some time for us to get used to his phrasings.  Now that we’re hooked, something like the “Wow!” banter that he and analyst Craig Laughlin participated in 3 minutes into the highlight video of the Caps 6-4 win over the Ducks above overjoys us.  Though we can see where to another fan, it might be annoying.  But to you, we say this: “Wow!”

Seriously though, Laughlin’s sometimes grating voice aside, Beninati and “Locker” are one of the more fun-loving, entertaining duos throughout the league, and after Ralph and Razor and Doc and Chico, probably are the most engaging pair the NHL has on the local levels.

2 Responses to Joe Beninati: Wowsers.

  1. dyhrdmet says:

    I know you have the tournament of NHL play-by-play announcers (good stuff, I’ve voted), what about a tourney of the 2-man booth pairings? But Joe Beninati vs. JP Dellacamera. c’mon. not in the 1st round. that’s a 2nd round matchup or later. And you gotta close the polls at some point so Pens fans can’t stuff the ballot boxes again.

  2. atg11 says:

    just one question…WTF is a man power advantage?? how can anyone listen to this guy, he is terrible.

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