We Have a Correction, and an Upset in Our Tournament of Announcers

Well, in a shocking turn of events (and a link to this tourney by The Pensblog) it shows that Paul Steigerwald has pulled off a late first round upset of Jim Hughson!  This is simply shocking news, and will simply throw into chaos the rest of this tourney.

Simply shocking.


Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 6, Danny Gallivan Bracket: Peter Loubardias vs. Dave Strader







First of all, we had a landslide victory for Jim Hughson over Paul Steigerwald in the first match in this bracket.  He moves on to round two.  Who will win this 7-2 contest?  We have Calgary’s Peter Loubardias, and Phoenix/VERSUS play-by-play man (and old-school ESPN guy) Dave Strader up against one another.  Voting ends at 5:30 PM Tomorrow.  Enjoy!

NHL Should Take a Hint from CBC’s “Original Six Saturday” (Plus HNIC’s Saturday Night Announcing Assignments)

The CBC sent us a PR E-mail today.  They do this often, hoping to get media folk such as myself to plug whatever’s going on with this week’s “Hockey Night” broadcast.  This week, however, I think the network truly shows why it’s dedication to the tradition of the sport is second to none, and are still a smart – if more conservative – innovator within hockey broadcasting.  Boy, do they have a Saturday planned for you.  Some highlights from the PR, as well as my thoughts, post-jump.

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Joe Beninati: Wowsers.

As you know from our interview with him, we like Joe Beninati quite a bit, but it took some time for us to get used to his phrasings.  Now that we’re hooked, something like the “Wow!” banter that he and analyst Craig Laughlin participated in 3 minutes into the highlight video of the Caps 6-4 win over the Ducks above overjoys us.  Though we can see where to another fan, it might be annoying.  But to you, we say this: “Wow!”

Seriously though, Laughlin’s sometimes grating voice aside, Beninati and “Locker” are one of the more fun-loving, entertaining duos throughout the league, and after Ralph and Razor and Doc and Chico, probably are the most engaging pair the NHL has on the local levels.