Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 5, Danny Gallivan Bracket: Paul Steigerwald vs. Jim Hughson






First of all, Pat Foley won our last match, so the top four seeds move on in the Foster Hewitt Brackett.  Our second round matchups there are:

#4 Seed – Pat Foley 
#1 Seed – Mike Emrick

#3 Seed – Joe Beninati
#2 Seed – Ralph Strangis

In a couple weeks time, we’ll be on to that.  For now, it’s Pittsburgh’s Paul Steigerwald looking to pull off an upset vs. CBC’s top play-by-play man Jim Hughson.  Vote now, it ends at 5:30. 



6 Responses to Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 5, Danny Gallivan Bracket: Paul Steigerwald vs. Jim Hughson

  1. garyroberts says:

    There is no WAY that Steigy should win any award for broadcasting.

    I love the Pens, I watch every game and I cringe through most of it listening to his pitiful calling.

    Watching Bibs do commentary without him for the NHL Network last season during the Cup run further validated just how bad Steigy is.

  2. atg11 says:

    this is being compromised due to the pensblog effect. i love the pens, but the only guy ive heard that is worse than steigy is beninati.

    Hughson is one of the best and should be given the win regardless of votes

  3. richrobertsnotgary'sson says:

    You guys are right on. Steigerwald is terrible. He pronounces names wrong by placing the emphasis on the wrong sylable, i.e. Patrick Marleau. He makes up words-escapability comes to mind. Hughson is one of the all-time greats at the game. There’s a reason why his voice is on the video games. He knows hockey; he understands the nuanes and has a pleasant voice. I love the Pens too but Steigerwald is awful and should be replaced immediately by Mike Lange.

  4. Nick Gliozzi says:

    you’re all wrong…steigy makes the game fun and entertaining…its funny when he makes up words and such…i wouldn’t trade him or errey for anything except lange

  5. garyroberts says:

    @Nick, I don’t want funny, I want a good game call. Half the time he is caught off gaurd by a goal becuase he was too busy talking about what Gonch was able to do on the point and how he’s injured, or what a veteran move Johnny Oduya has or what Ryan Malone will name his new baby.

    There was a great letter to the editor in last week’s Hockey News that cried out for broadcasters to take a page from the CBC’s coverage.

    I have already cut it out and sent it to Steigy.

  6. Michael Strahan says:

    I don’t know when this poll ended, buut I’m just going to keep voting for ol’ jimbo.

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