Once Again, TV Networks: No. More. In. Game. Interviews.

We’ll update it later this morning with the YouTube highlights of the game, but VERSUS once again showed off how one of the more useless TV innovations ever brought to televised hockey – the in-game interview – can ruin a great scoring play, and just flat-out confuse viewers.  Here’s a link to VERSUS’ Website where it’s “The Player” is showing it front and center, but after the jump, a sumnation of VERSUS reporter Chris Simpson’s chat with Peter Chiarelli as Michael Ryder scored Boston’s game-winner against Toronto, joined in progress…

Chiarelli: … because… they bring energy 
Simpson: Tim Thomas, great performance again tonight, you really have the luxury of…
*The puck hits the post and goes in*
Simpson: … two number one goalies, can you afford that luxury?
Chiarelli: Um, I think [Ryder] just got a goal.

Please VERSUS, no more of these interviews in the middle of the game.  What could Peter Chiarelli possibly have to talk about that could be so important, it would interrupt a close game in the 2nd period?  And don’t you think there are more interesting questions you could ask the opposing GM?

Anyway, do check out VERSUS.com’s NHL video content, featuring some rare, extremely rare hilarious banter from the “Hockey Central” crew in their Week in Review, on Barry Melrose’s firing:

Bill Patrick: So what’s next for Barry Melrose?  Maybe a return to TV?  Who knows, but there’s certainly no room here.
Brian Engblom: Thanks.
Keith Jones: Unless he can host.


UPDATE (11:02 AM): Here are the highlights from the game:

One Response to Once Again, TV Networks: No. More. In. Game. Interviews.

  1. Tapeleg says:

    When will they learn not to use picture-in-picture for in game interviews? Do I really need to see a big round Barry Trotz head taking up 1/4 of the screen talking while the Preds are getting scored on? Do I not know what a human talking looks like?

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