We Promise, This is It For the Weekend: Barry Melrose Surprisingly Candid Attitude on Firing. Also, is a Woodsman.

What you see in THIS VIDEO is an interesting chat between a non-Buccigross ESPNews talking head and former Lightning coach Barry Melrose.  Due to Barry’s long history in hockey broadcasting, we felt it was appropriate for you to check it out.  Helmet tip to Kukla.

It’s a surprisingly candid chat with the embattled mullet.  We were touched by how he spoke of losing hard and not getting enough from his players.  It really sounds like it got to him.  Best of luck, Barry.  We think it’d be a great idea for VERSUS or NBC to pounce on you, since ESPN’s hockey analyst position is clearly filled.

UPDATE 12:15 AM: We’ll look for a YouTube video to embed here over the weekend, if you find one, shoot us an E-mail.

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