Welcome to the NHL Tournament of Announcers

Trippy photo, eh?  Welcome to what I hope is a new feature that will become a wild success here at Puck the Media.  This is The NHL Tournament of Announcers.  What is it, exactly?  Basically, I take 1 NHL play-by-play guy, and put him against another, you – the reader – vote on who you like better, winner moves on until we have a champion.  

How have we worked this out, exactly?  Well, based on public and personal opinion, as well as merit (Whether or not the guy works for a national network), we’ve seeded the announcers and put them into four brackets.  The first poll is at 6:30 PM tonight, so please check out, and vote and often!  The seeds and matchups are post-jump

Foster Hewitt Bracket 

#8 Seed Steve Goldstein (FLA) 
#1 Seed Mike Emrick (NJ/VERSUS/NBC) 

#7 Seed John Shorthouse (VAN) 
#2 Seed Ralph Strangis (DAL)

#6 Seed JP Delacamera (ATL) 
#3 Seed Joe Beninati (WSH/VERSUS) 

#5 Seed Pete Weber (NSH) 
#4 Seed Pat Foley (CHI) 

Danny Gallivan Bracket 

#8 Seed Paul Steigerwald (PIT) 
#1 Seed Jim Hughson (CBC) 

#7 Seed Peter Loubardias (CGY) 
#2 Seed Dave Strader (PHX/NHL Radio) 

#6 Seed John Ahlers (ANA/VERSUS) 
#3 Seed Rick Jeanneret (BUF) 

#5 Seed Howie Rose (NYI) 
#4 Seed Mark Lee (CBC) 

Dan Kelly Bracket 

#8 Seed Jack Edwards (BOS/VERSUS) 
#1 Seed Chris Cuthbert (TSN) 

#7 Seed Mike Haynes (COL) 
#2 Seed Bob Cole (CBC) 

#6 Seed Jeff Rimer (CLB) 
#3 Seed Sam Rosen (NYR/NHL Radio)

#5 Seed Dean Brown (OTT/CBC) 
#4 Seed Randy Hahn (SJ) 

Dick Irvin Bracket 

#8 Seed Gord Miller (TSN) 
#1 Seed Bob Miller (LA) 

#7 Seed Mike Greenlay (MIN) 
#2 Seed John Forslund (CAR/VERSUS)  

#6 Seed Kevin Quinn (EDM) 
#3 Seed Joe Bowen (TOR/TSN) 

#5 Seed Ken Daniels (DET) 
#4 Seed Rick Peckham (TB) 

See you at 6:30! 



2 Responses to Welcome to the NHL Tournament of Announcers

  1. BluesFan44 says:

    No John Kelly from St. Louis? I was really looking forward to voting against him………

  2. BlueJacketsBabe says:

    You totally missed the best one! George Matthews for the Columbus Blue Jackets radio is by far the best play by play announcer I have ever heard, especially for radio. The guy is amazing. Rimer sucks.

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