Fire the Promotions Dep’t: The Kings May Be Missing the Point of “Russian Heritage” Night

“Fire the Promotions Dep’t” is a new semi-regular feature (Isn’t everything we do here semi-regular?) where we spotlight promo nights in the NHL, AHL, and anywhere else we can find a – while semi-cool in theory – lame stunt used to get people who aren’t interested in hockey to come see it.

We really like to start off all our “meaner” posts by saying something nice about it’s subject.  We’re really nice, sensitive guys.  But when it comes to the LA Kings, what good can you really say?  The team has missed the playoffs almost as long as the Minnesota Wild have existed.  They’ve only made one Stanley Cup Final in their more than 40 years in the league.  They’ve won only one division title in their history.  What good can you say about the Kings?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Actually, I take that back.  Their bloggers are nice, and they have Bob Miller as a play-by-play man.  I like Bob Miller a lot.  He’s great in the Mighty Ducks movies.  But as far as on the ice?  Not much good you can say about the Kings.  Now it’s gotten to the point where, with the economy in the state it is, and the team in a constant state of arrested development, they have to offer some pretty odd deals.  Which brings us to their “Russian Heritage Night”, being celebrated November 20th when Alex Ovechkin and the Caps visit.  The photo wouldn’t fit in our space, but check the photo out here, and the details after the jump, if you’re lazy.

The package entails the following:

  • 1 Game Ticket 
  • 1 Kings Hat Auto’d By Russian Person Alex Frolov 
  • Access to Post-Game Party with Russian Guy Frolov
  • 2 Premium Russian Vodka Drinks at Said Party

What glorious way to celebrate mother Russia!  If we were of age, we’d totally thumbs up the Kings for being upfront with promoting hockey with alcohol.  But we’re 19, so we’ll just silently nod and agree.


One Response to Fire the Promotions Dep’t: The Kings May Be Missing the Point of “Russian Heritage” Night

  1. Chris Wassel says:

    Holy crap….I am old enough. I will drink your share Steve. Seriously this just screams bad!!! Goddamn!!!

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