Conan O’Brien Has Some Rowdy Oilers Fans in His Audience

We come from a generation that worships the absurd hilarity of Mr. Conan O’Brien.  But we rarely have a chance to catch his show, usually because we are busy blogging or watching hockey, or sleeping off all the hours we’ve spent blogging and watching hockey (To quote Andy from The Office: “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  I haven’t had a very hard life”).

We caught the show last night, and were delighted to see that Conan had to deal with some very excited visitors from Edmonton, dressed in full Oilers garb.  It’s not the first time Conan’s had to deal with hockey folk, as Conan unveiled this net to some Toronto Maple Leafs when he visited T.O. a few years back, post-jump.  

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Could Detroit-Pittsburgh Be VERSUS’ Highest Rated Regular Season Game Ever?

There’s an underlying buzz to tonight’s Red Wings-Penguins game (7:00 PM ET, VERSUS).  It’s the first regular season game since Sean Avery’s return to the New York area to have an actual made-for-TV storyline, and before that, who knows?  The point is, this game is probably one every hockey fan circled on their calendars the minute the schedule was released.  

That’s why VERSUS has been doing it’s honest-to-goodness best effort to pimp the life out of this matchup.  I think they started playing commercials for the game 10 days before the season started.  However, they have good reason to.  

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