Appreciate the Linkage, Friends

Every now and then, here at Puck the Media, I’m going to take some time out to thank the folks who link to us, and frankly, drive enough traffic to keep the author from going nuts.  These are the heroes, folks.  Give ’em support, because they supported us. 

Of course, we can’t not start with the amazing Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy.

Also, the tireless Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and Boston Sports Media Watch plugged our site a bunch this week.

Sean Leahy at Going Five Hole, Stu Hackel of the NY Times’ Slap Shot Blog, and Greatest Hockey Legends all directed you to our passion piece on Doc Emrick.

Awful Announcing, The Big LeadStanley Cup of Chowder and Barry Horn’s Dallas Morning News Sports Media Blog all enjoyed our stuff on Jack Edwards and Lindsay Soto quite a bit.

The Rink podcast obviously helped us out with that interview.

Finally, Battle of California added us to their blogroll.

Thank you very much, and if I’ve forgotten anyone, please do tell me, and I will put it up.


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