5 Things to Expect… From Tonight’s Tampa-Washington Broadcast Crew

Welcome once again to “5 Things to Expect…” our regular countdown of dick jokes and pithy toss-offs getting ready for an NHL National TV broadcast.  This time around, we focus on Joe Beninati (play-by-play), Billy Jaffe (color analyst) and Chris Simpson (rink reporter), the crew for tonight’s Tampa-Washington game on VERSUS and TSN2.  Enjoy

5. At least five mentions of Lightning head coach Barry Melrose’s career at ESPN, without actually using the word ESPN.

4. An awkward silence between Beninati and Jaffe if a discussion of Alexander Semin’s comments on Sidney Crosby are brought up.

3. Lame, obviously scripted jabs between the game broadcast crew and the “Hockey Central” guys.

2. Brian Engblom’s mullet to grow back in between the first and second periods.

1. Chris Simpson, in the wake of Lindsay Soto’s recent burst – and we mean burst – of popularity, interviews Boyd Gordon wearing nothing but a thong.  And she’ll be wearing something pretty revealing too, we imagine.

/see what we did there.

Enjoy the game!


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