Appreciate the Linkage, Friends

Every now and then, here at Puck the Media, I’m going to take some time out to thank the folks who link to us, and frankly, drive enough traffic to keep the author from going nuts.  These are the heroes, folks.  Give ’em support, because they supported us. 

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5 Things to Expect… From Tonight’s Tampa-Washington Broadcast Crew

Welcome once again to “5 Things to Expect…” our regular countdown of dick jokes and pithy toss-offs getting ready for an NHL National TV broadcast.  This time around, we focus on Joe Beninati (play-by-play), Billy Jaffe (color analyst) and Chris Simpson (rink reporter), the crew for tonight’s Tampa-Washington game on VERSUS and TSN2.  Enjoy

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As A New Week Begins, A Thank You to Our Readers

Thank you, readers of Puck the Media.  For the second straight week, you drove us over the 1,000 hit threshold.  For a 19-year old kid from Jersey starting a brand new hockey blog:  That is just overwhelmingly positive news.  

Check out some of the stuff we have planned for this week, post-jumpland.

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