Speaking of VERSUS: Website Re-do, Plus More Canadian Sports No One Will Watch

As VERSUS is the cable network devoted to the National Hockey League, we feel it is in every hockey fan’s best interest to know some of the non-NHL stuff that’s been going on at the network.  Every so often, we’ll update you on it with a segment called “Speaking of VERSUS”.


  • VERSUS debuted a re-vamped front page (and nothing else) for VERSUS.com today.  While it is an improvement from what was there previously, we have a couple of problems.  First of all, shouldn’t the network go through with re-designing the entire website, including it’s NHL page and what-not?  I mean, it’s kind of disappointing to see that the main page is all that got re-done.  Secondly, whereas the old brand was too spread out and all over the place, this version is a little too smooshed and crowded.  Keep trying, guys.  It is certainly getting better.
  • Announcement came today that VERSUS will be airing the CFL’s Grey Cup Championship game live from Olympic Stadium in Montreal on November 23rd at 5:30 PM.  Yay, more Canadian stuff!  This will get VERSUS into those southernmost markets where Canadian football is king!  Right, Baltimore?
  • The network announced it’s College Basketball schedule via the Mountain West’s website.  It’s not nearly as impressive as the network’s College Football schedule.  Enjoy your weekend, and check out the entire slate after the jump.

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