Great Moments From the NHL On FOX: OT Fun with Alex Son-in-law-ov

As a child of the 90’s, we were not as privileged as many of you are to have a photographic memory of FOX’s NHL coverage (we know, we’re jealous).  However, the little we do recall, we recall with fond memories of glowing pucks, James Brown, and – we’re being serious here – the best coverage the NHL has EVER had on national TV.  Maybe one day we’ll get into the long story of how FOX wanted to air the entire Stanley Cup Finals, but that’s for another time.  For now, enjoy our new weekly feature, “Great Moments from the NHL on FOX”

Remember the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 1990s?  Before Lecavalier and St. Louis were leading this team to the Stanley Cup, they were the Thunderdome, with it’s record NHL crowds.  They were Phil Esposito in the GM’s chair.  They were Chris Kontos, Bill Houlder, Darren Puppa, and most importantly: Alexander Selivanov.

Selivanov have the distinction of being married to Espo’s daughter, earning him the nickname “Son-in-law-ov”.  Here, the family boy earns his paycheck with a great OT winner against Ron Hextall and the Philadelphia Flyers.  FOX’s Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti (who would later become permanent partners with the Rangers on MSG) have the call.  Enjoy:

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