Tom Gulitti Needs to Emphasize Sarcasm (Updated)

Tom Gulitti, Devils beat writer for the Bergen Record, is one of my absolute favorite mainstream hockey bloggers.  He gives out the most information that someone covering the New Jersey Lamoriello’s that anyone possibly could.  However, his post today on Tampa Bay coach/ex-ESPN hairpiece Barry Melrose was a little offbeat for my reading tastes.

When I asked Melrose this morning if he expected a negative reaction from the fans tonight, he said, “No, no. I had them eating out of my hand last year if you remember correctly. They love me. Probably a lot of them will have Melrose jerseys on tonight.”

I would have preferred if Gulitti would’ve added, “he sarcastically replied”.  Clearly Tom hasn’t learned his lesson from having to add an apology for a post on Kevin Weekes a couple of days ago:

I wanted to clarify something that I mentioned in my blog after Monday night’s game because it’s come to my attention that some might have misinterpreted it. My comment that maybe Shaquille O’Neal and the Giants attended the game because they wanted to see Kevin Weekes play had nothing to do with race. I was only mentioning that it was an odd game for them to attend — Monday night with all the injuries, including Martin Brodeur’s, and only 10,000 people in the house. Suggesting that maybe it was because of the rarity of Weekes’ starting for the first time since last Jan. 5 was my apparently poor attempt at humor. I could have easily said it was because they wanted to see Nicklas Bergfors or Anssi Salmela play.

I apologize if I offended anyone.

C’mon Tom, we know Barry was probably being sarcastic, but after that incident, don’t assume they’re THAT intelligent.

UPDATE 3:27 PM: Gulitti just pointed out in the comments section of his post that, yes, he was being sarcastic.  Which translates just WONDERFULLY to the written word.

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