Jack Edwards Enjoys Hockey, Beating Up Dallas Stars

We’re not sure what to make of Jack Edwards often-times.  Occasionally, he’ll sound like a slightly Americanized Chris Cuthbert, with a cool-as-a-cucumber voice that can reach passionate levels at times.  Other times, well, he’s a Joe Biden-style loose cannon who’ll just say anything from his perch high above the rink to make fun of a player of the team opposing the Bruins (Whom he calls games for on NESN) he doesn’t like.

Saturday night saw the latter of those two Edwards’s.  Check out the video of the Stars-Bruins various casualties from that night post-jump.

Some of our Favorite Lines:
Calling Steve Ott “a scud”.
Anything he said regarding Sean Avery.
The “Brave Steve” run.
Differentiating characters in a movie from the actions of a cheap-shot artist.  “The difference is, the Hanson Brothers were funny.”  Thanks Jack, for years I’ve wanted to laugh at the situations of Slap Shot but always felt the film too serious to play for comedic hijinks!  

Anyway, it’s nice that he has this whole I-speak-for-the-common-fan spiel going on, but seriously Jack, you can cut it out.  We’ll complain for ourselves, thank you. 


8 Responses to Jack Edwards Enjoys Hockey, Beating Up Dallas Stars

  1. I don’t mind Edwards at all. Yeah, he’d piss me off if I wasn’t a Bruins fan. But if I wasn’t a Bruins fan I’d never watch his broadcasts (Center Ice notwithstanding), so who cares? The guy is calling games for an audience of informed, passionate fans who don’t need a talking head to explain the rules and, let’s face it, are not known for their compassionate sportsmanship. A guy like Edwards is perfect, because he makes it fun to watch the game. I rewound the Avery fights several times just to laugh at the commentary. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I like Edwards. Sure, he sounds like he’s 12 sometimes, and is certainly a homer, but that’s what we like on NESN. (See: Remy, Jerry)

  3. Stacey Ross says:

    I sent an email complaining about his ridiculous blathering to NESN.

  4. At first when catching this clip (from Fang’s Bites), I was expecting the analyst to go bezerk instead of the play-by-play man (a la Lamar Thomas during the infamous Miami-FAU brawl two years ago), not the other way around. Bizarre.

  5. Scott says:

    I live in East Bumfart, Vermont and sadly am subjected to Jack Edwards awful announcing on NESN. There is nothing remotely worthy of any NESN Bruin telecast actually but at least Mike Milbury was deported to CBC.

  6. Chris says:

    Jack Edwards is what you get when the inane and annoying John Meterparel of WEEI collides with Opie Taylor. I can see why some people like Edwards; the Bruins have been desperate for someone–anyone–to be a ‘homer.’ But put me into the camp who thinks that Edwards is your typical sports media hack and competes with Mike Lynch for Boston’s ‘Overextended Welcome’ award.

  7. Greg says:

    I want Mike Adams to start calling games with Chris Nilan. That would be a great pair of guys that are hysterically funny, and I wouldn’t have to listen to Jack Edwards ever again!
    Listening to Jack Edwards is like listening to Ashlee Simpson sing without lipsynching! PAINFUL!

  8. Tom says:

    Jack Edwards does exagerate quite a bit especially when hits are given but he also sounds more masculine than Dale Arnold who sounded so ” Nerdy” i guess is the best way i could describe it. I found it very difficult to listen to him call a game. Jack calls a very exciting game in my opinion.

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