VERSUS Continues to Make Me Nuts, Starts Airing NBA Series

Once in awhile, folks, I will take a look at for the network’s monthly schedule.  It’s an easy way to keep myself updated on the goings-on at the channel (I found out about Sports Soup pretty early on compared to others) and once in a blue moon, you find the excitement of the channel planning a new hockey special.

But well, sometimes you get things like this:  Tonight, and every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, VERSUS will air a series called “NBA Action”.  According to, the series “delivers highlights and news from around the league, including a recap of the past week’s on-court action and statistics.”

What in the name of Eddie Shore is this crap?  VERSUS can’t devote a half an hour a week to rebroadcast the NHL Productions-made “Cool Shots” here in the states, but it’s just fine and dandy for them to air a series that promotes a league that VERSUS doesn’t even have the broadcast rights to?  Where does that make sense.  Show me where!

It probably makes as much sense as not airing a hockey game next Tuesday so they can rebroadcast “Wildcats” for a 70th time.  Sometimes, VERSUS, you make it very hard for me to defend you.