Bruins/Capitals Draws Huge Local Ratings

The NHL will be sorry to see one of two markets between Boston and Washington exit the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as both drew record-setting numbers for Sunday’s Game 6.

The game drew an 8.6 in Washington, a new record for a non-Stanley Cup game in the market. Washington’s only advance to the Final was in 1998. It drew better numbers than the 2011 Winter Classic, which scored a 7.9 in Washington.

Game 6 drew a massive 16.3 rating in Boston, again, a record for a non-Stanley Cup Final game (at least since 1993). It also outdrew the Bruins participation in the Winter Classic in 2010, which drew a 14.4 when it was held in Boston.

(Source: NBC Sports)

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One Response to Bruins/Capitals Draws Huge Local Ratings

  1. bomber says:

    What numbers did the Bruins game do in Boston as far as viewers and households.

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