VERSUS/NBC Exclusive Games For Round 2

These games will not air on the regional sports networks of the teams playing in them.  The rest of the games will.  Any other questions, e-mail me or pose them in the comments.

Montreal vs. Pittsburgh

Game 1 – April 30, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 2 –
May 2, 2:00 PM, NBC
Game 4 – May 6, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 5 – May 8, 7:00 PM, VERSUS

Philadelphia vs. Boston

Game 1 – May 1, 12:30 PM, NBC
Game 2 – May 3, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 3 – May 5, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 4 – May 7, 7:00 PM, VERSUS

Detroit vs. San Jose

Game 1 – Apr. 29, 9:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 2 – May 2, 8:00 PM, VERSUS

Vancouver vs. Chicago

Game 1 – May 1, 8:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 4 – May 7, 9:30 PM, VERSUS

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9 Responses to VERSUS/NBC Exclusive Games For Round 2

  1. DyHrdMET says:

    is NHL Network US helping out with those VERSUS JIP games?

  2. Colton says:

    The Versus JIP games will likely be on Gamecentre or Centre Ice.

  3. Eric says:

    Doesn’t Versus only have two exclusive games per series?

  4. Colton says:

    They must have two per series and then four extras.

  5. kevin says:

    I’m surprised NBC didn’t pick up Det/SJ on Sunday. Detroit has mass appeal and SJ/SF is a top 5 media market. They must be desperate to show Crosby at least once…..

  6. Rindu Muncie says:

    I’m not surprised. NBC won’t show a Winter Classic if a Canadian team is involved, but when it comes to Pens/Habs or Sharks/Wings, they went with Pens/Habs just to get Crosby on and because it’s the Sharks and not Hawks/Wings.

    The only legitimate excuse is that the Eagles have back to back concerts on Fri and Sat nights, and if SJ/DET Game 2 was on NBC, it would have to be a noon start, too soon after the Eagles Concert.

    But knowing the NHL and NBC, that probably wasn’t the reason they decided against SJ/DET, but probably one they would throw out if pressed about it now.

    • nosferatu says:

      Actually it was already set (before the schedule was announced) that NBC’s game, for whatever reason, would be at 2 ET on Sunday, 11 a.m. PT. I wonder if there’s a rule that the league has in place stating that games can’t legally start before noon.

      • Patrick says:

        Yeah its called Horse Racing…which does 6/7x the numbers an NHL Playoff game garners. Better hope there is no overtime.

      • Dave Sullivan says:

        The Blackhawks hosted a couple of NBC games this year, face-off was 11:30 local.

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