Hockey Tops Wrestling, Kardashians to Win Weekly Cable Ratings

I know, right?

From the friendly chaps at TVBytheNumbers, specifically the esteemed Robert Seidman:

Hockey #1! Hockey.  Yeah, baby.  I’ll say it again, HOCKEY!  The “tremendously tremendous” (and it was) Olympic hockey match-up where the USA upset Canada on Sunday night was the week’s most-watched program on cable.    Hockey and “most-watched” rarely get into the same sentence around here.

Hockey and the post-game coverage catapulted MSNBC to the top 2 slots for the week, beating out WWE Monday Night Raw and the Keeping up With the Kardashian’s season finale.  SpongeBob absorbed nine out of the top 25, and NCIS reruns took five of the top 25 slots.

Rank Shows NET DAY( Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 W OLY PRIME MSNB Sun 07:45P-09:55P 8,221
2 W OLY PRIME POST MSNB Sun 09:55P-10:08P 6,477

Go hockey!  Or something.  Isn’t this awesome?  Hopefully we’ll all see some more hockey near the Top 10 in cable around the playoffs.  Guy can dream, right?

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One Response to Hockey Tops Wrestling, Kardashians to Win Weekly Cable Ratings

  1. Josh says:

    I love wrestling and I love hockey. Now only if Vs. would get the same ratings!!!

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