NHL Telecasts up 19% on VERSUS Through 3 Weeks

From Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily (reg. required):

Versus is averaging 313,000 viewers through its first eight NHL game telecasts this season, up 18.6% from 264,000 viewers through the first eight games last year. This season’s telecasts on the net began with two primetime games in the U.S. on October 1 which averaged 417,000 viewers. Last year’s season began with two Sunday afternoon telecasts of games being held in Europe, which averaged 112,000 viewers. This year’s Europe games were played on a Friday afternoon (October 2), averaging 189,000 viewers. The Capitals-Bruins season-opening telecast averaged 501,000 viewers. For the ’08-09 season, only three telecasts on Versus topped a half-million viewers.

After the jump, we’ll rank the VERSUS telecasts by viewers, again courtesy of SBD.

1. Capitals-Bruins (Oct. 1, 0.5, 501,000 viewers)
2. Red Wings-Sabres (Oct. 13, 0.5, 467,000 viewers)
3. Capitals-Flyers (Oct. 6, 405,000 viewers)
4. Sharks-Avalanche (Oct. 1, 332,000 viewers)
5. Blues-Red Wings (Oct. 2, 278,000 viewers)
6. Rangers-Devils (Oct. 5, 269,000 viewers)
7. Flames-Blackhawks (Oct. 12, 177,000 viewers)
8. Panthers-Blackhawks (Oct. 2, 100,000 viewers)

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About stevelepore
Steve Lepore is the Managing Editor of Puck the Media. His work has been featured in The Hockey News. Feel free to contact him at stevemlepore@gmail.com

2 Responses to NHL Telecasts up 192 on VERSUS Through 3 Weeks

  1. gretzkytolemieux says:

    do you think they could’ve sunk in another 300,000 with the directtv viewers? or, is the penetration of directtv not enough to get 300,000 more hockey viewers?

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    >>do you think they could’ve sunk in another 300,000 with the directtv viewers?

    That’s a good question and like many good questions there are no easy answers. You would have to think there would have at least been a couple of hundred thousand more but who know?

    In some ways what’s depressing is that only 313,000 people want to watch hockey even without DirecTV, talk about a drop in the ocean…..

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