5 Things to Expect… from Lindsay Soto on VERSUS Tonight


Use the body on this one...

Use the body on this one...

... with the face on this one.

... with the face on this one.


Let the great experiment begin!  VERSUS’ new alternate hockey reporter Lindsay Soto makes her debut tonight working with Joe Beninati and Eddie Olczyk on the Chicago-Minnesota game.  We’ve written about Ms. Soto before, and thought this would be a perfect chance to debut a segment called “5 Things”, where we take a look at something exciting in upcoming NHL games, and use it as an excuse to make dick jokes.  Anyway, here’s our first list, post-jumperton.
5 Things to Expect… From Lindsay Soto on Tonight’s VERSUS Broadcast of Blackhawks-Wild.

5. After seeing Lindsay Soto in person, the team of 18,000 goes home and releases their own team of 18,000.
4.  A debate between Lindsay and Eddie Olczyk on who’s hair is prettier.
3. Chris Simpson, fearing her imminent replacement by a younger, prettier woman, storms in and starts a catfight that will likely be much more interesting than anything going on in an early season Chicago-Minnesota game.  Complete with Adam Burish using his recent day job to stop the madness.
2. Patrick Kane’s long-awaited initiation into manhood.
1. More erections in American living rooms than when Bob Harwood is reporting.

Good Luck, Lindsay, you certainly have our attention tonight.

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2 Responses to 5 Things to Expect… from Lindsay Soto on VERSUS Tonight

  1. Derek says:

    lmao this was funny and true. she’s cute and loved the reaction to the jinx thing.

  2. webescape says:

    Nice pink tee, she looks like Hayden Panettiere without the puppy fat.

    This is awesome, many thanks <3 http://starstylefile.wordpress.com/

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